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Kompositionsstudie 01, 2019

“Composition Study 01” is part of a study series, where the composition of dramatic pictures found on the internet and on newspapers are translated into sculptures. The “lines” made out of square-type tubes, are half of an Arabic arch or half of what in music is called sinus wave- form, mostly associated with harmony or sinuosity. A harmony which match the brutal and horrifying act. The work reflects on the “Aesthetic of Ugliness” of Rosenkranz and on the thematics and compositions of old paintings of artists such as Caravaggio. Furthermore, the work tries to reflect on new forms of violence which have changed their motivations but never will change their aesthetic.

(Installation – square-type tubes, projection)

Dimension variable

Group show at Alexander Studios, London, UK

Thanks: Edoardo Maccari (renderings)