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Andreoni creates a dialogue between all formats, materials and media used in his work. Setting out to analyze moments of resilience, especially in relation to inner passions, drives and acts of resistance towards external conditions, Andreoni brings together specific artifacts, gestures, sounds and graphic representations—most of them used in situations that demand immediate action— in a multilayered installation essay, where the possibility of action and in-action are entangled through movement, time and perception. A sustained meditation on the process of narrative making, IL SOGNO NON SI FERMA is an elegiac farewell to any situation in life which seems to draw to a close, only to unfold in a new revival. As poet Paul Valery stated: “It all starts with an interruption.”

Text by Dr. Hennier Reynders

(Multilayered Installation essay – Car Air suspension valves, compressor, air tank, speakers, amplifier – Portable Radio – Israeli Arm, field monitor, weather cast hurricane video representations and Hand hammered iron spurs)

Dimensions: variable

Thanks: Joseph Kramer, Austen Brown, Hennie Reynders, Nicolas Collins, Benjamin Zumbrun, Buse Cesur and Apostolos Doucakis.

Winner of Alba Sonic Arts Residency at ESS Experimental Sound Studio Chicago.

Video documentation

I’M READY, 2022

Sound Installation

(Portable Radio) Dimensions: 75 × 5 × 4 cm

A radio receiver clipped to a hanging jacket on the wall plays a loop of a musician saying the sentence “I’m ready” before recording a track. The widely understood phrase “I’m ready” now raises the question – for what? A continuous expectation. A link between two people in the instant before the next event.



(Israeli Arm, field monitor, weather cast hurricane video representations) Dimensions: 30 × 40 × 20 cm

A so called “Israeli Arm“ holds a field monitor – a display that replicates the picture being recorded by a camera – facing the wall, creating an intimate space between wall and screen for the viewer to peer at hurricane video representations used by weather forecasts.



(Car air suspension valves, compressor, air tank, speakers, amplifier) Dimensions: variable

By performing its gesture in space, a car air suspension system lifts and lowers four loudspeakers that face the floor and play a composition that reacts and responds physically to the surrounding space. 

SPURS, 2022


(Hand hammered iron spurs) Dimensions: 

Three spurs have been hand forged to draw attention to the use of a physical and violent gesture in directing, to back up the natural aids (voice commands) in equestrian disciplines.