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I Was So Wrong, 2021

What at first glance appears to be an abstract and colourful image, is actually the recording’s spectrogram image - scientific sound representation - of the artist’s own voice saying «I was so wrong». By utilizing the spectrogram image of the vocal recording, the artwork tries to delve into the realm and slippage between science, sound and art. In a daring juxtaposition, the semiotic of flags, typically associated and used to state a condition of pride, wealth, and power, is provocatively questioned and confronted with one of the hardest things to do for human beings: admitting to be "so wrong.“

The work becomes an invitation to introspection and sincerity, prompting the viewer to reflect on the concept of humility and the importance of accepting one's fallibility. The combination of scientific language and social commentary aims to provoke a dialogue that invites further exploration of the meaning and scope of the work itself.

Through 'I Was So Wrong' the artist creates a dialogue between several formats, materials and media used in his practice, combining visual aesthetics, sound, scientific research and social critique into a single installation.

(Installation – “I was so wrong” vocal recording spectogram image printed on fabric, Metal tubes pipe, brackets)

Dimensions: variable (flag 150 × 90 cm)

Patron and funder of the project: School of the Art Institute of Chicago

I Was So Wrong received the DucatoArt Academy Award in September 2023 and is part of the Michele Cristella art collection.

I Was so Wong 2021, has also been temporarily installed in the Illinois countryside for the duration of a cold and sunny Midwest winter. Video: here